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Late 16th/early 17th c. English Waistcoat

Wool waistcoat with silk chainstitch embroidery highlighting the seams, linen lining. This little jacket was a bit of a comedy of errors - I miscalculated the seam allowance and it ended up being a touch too small. But I think once the wool warms up it'll be okay.

I'm really loving wearing this with the big open starched ruff! My current stashbusting project is a few aprons to wear with it. Eventually need to make a set of wrist ruffs, too.

Things I learned between making this one and the English Fitted Gown - I greatly prefer hooks and bars rather than hooks and eyes, I feel like I'm able to get a more flush closure at the center front. Always check your pattern notes because you write stuff down for a reason. Wool is forgiving. Check the rotation on your sleeve because having it precisely set makes a world of difference.

This is one of those little projects that I'm not actively going to worry about going back and fixing, since I don't think it'll actually see much use - but it's still a nice little piece to have in the back of the closet!

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