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Hairspray Book by Mark O'Donnell and Thomas Meehan, music by Marc Shaiman, lyrics by Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman.
  • NCSU University Theatre - February 2018

  • Directed by: John C. McIlwee

  • Musical Director: Matt Hodge

  • Choreographer: Tito Hernandez

  • Set Design: Jayme Mellema

  • Costume Design: Laura J. Parker

  • Hair & Makeup: Laura J. Parker & John C. McIlwee

  • Lighting Design: Joshua Reaves

  • Sound Design: Kevin Wright

  • Technical Direction: David Jensen

  • Stage Manager: Nia Crews

  • Production photos by: Ron Foreman

"The show’s design highlight is Laura J. Parker’s costuming. Eschewing many of the Broadway production’s now-tired silhouettes and patterns, Parker has created her own Hairspray from the cha-cha heels upward. She understands better than most how fabric interacts with light and with choreography. Her choices are functional, well-suited to character, and dazzling without becoming distracting. Did I mention that the female ensemble’s wigs are dyed to match their dresses? Yeah, that’s a thing that just happened." -Dustin Britt, Chatham Life and Style


"Laura J. Parker and John C. McIlwee have teamed up to master the vivid 1960s makeup palette and, more importantly, an array of structurally-sound and color-coordinated wigs--a brilliant touch."  - Dustin Britt, Chatham Life and Style


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