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The 39 Steps adapted by Patrick Barlow 
  • NCSU University Theatre TheatreFEST - June 2018

  • Director: Rachel Klem

  • Costume, Hair and Makeup Design: Laura J. Parker

  • Scenic Design:  Jayme Mellema

  • Lighting Design: Joshua Reaves

  • Production Photos: Ron Foreman

"I don't want to say we'll never see a better iteration of Patrick Barlow's loopy homage to Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Stepsthan the one that closes this weekend at TheatreFest. But here's what anyone trying to follow its act will have to do to surpass it .... find a costumier wittier than Laura J. Parker to dream up numbers more deft and daft than the feathered getup that makes femme fatale Annabella Schmidt look like an haute couture version of an oil-slicked crow, while dashing lead Richard Hannay is tweedy but not twee, traversing an international web of intrigue as he flees a shadowy spy network and the police." -Byron Woods, Indy Weekly


 "Laura J. Parker delivers a career-defining product: immaculately crafted and detailed costumes, hair, and makeup for the endless parade of characters that also meet the logistical needs of the production’s many quick changes and physical stunts." -Dustin K. Britt, Chatham Life and Style


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