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He & She - Ann Herford

Women's Theatre Festival - July 2020 (Virtual Production)

"As Ann Herford, Laura J. Parker’s physical and vocal energy breaks the cam-screen barrier, grabbing us by the lapels as she grapples with husband Tom (Michael Parker). Director Noelle Azarelo has the rare opportunity of putting two actors in the same Zoom frame, since the Parkers are quarantined together here in 2020, and it makes the flames burn all the brighter."  -Dustin Britt, Chatham Life & Style

Chatham Life & Style honored Laura's performance in He & She as one of the top ten outstanding performances in the 2020 Women's Theatre Festival, "Best of the Fest" 

Macbeth - Macduff/Fleance

Sweet Tea Shakespeare - January 2020

"In a tour de force performance, Laura J. Parker’s Macduff proves that she is not only a strong clown, but a fierce and sincere dramatic actor worthy of leading roles. I would pay real money to see her Imogen or her Henry V."  -Dustin Britt, Chatham Life and Style

Chatham Life and Style honored Laura's performance as Macduff as one of the Outstanding Triangle Performances of 2020. 


Measure for Measure - Elbow

Raleigh Little Theatre - January 2019

"... Laura J. Parker leans deftly into the ill-tempered Elbow with body, voice, and mind..." -Dustin Britt, Chatham Life & Style

 "Laura J. Parker’s Elbow provides ample servings of broad humor, much needed comic relief in a play that offers up a very uncomfortable view of events that feel ripped from today’s headlines."  -Kim Jackson, RDU On Stage

"As constable Elbow, Laura J. Parker relishes her contributions of comic relief..." -Garrett Southerland, Talkin' Broadway

Almost, Maine - Marvalynn, Marci

Cary Players - February, 2018

“Laura Parker’s interpretations match her characters’ hairstyles--Marvalyn a wild explosion of fuchsia and Marci a dispirited black bob, mostly concealed by a winter hat.

.... [Director] Jordan and his cast find ways to tell these stories with complexity and nuance--tying the script to a balloon and letting it soar. Certainly one of Cary Player’s finest productions to date.” -Dustin Britt, Chatham Life & Style

Romeo and Juliet - Nurse

Bare Theatre - October 2017

"There is much to praise in .... Laura Parker's incisive, sometimes comic turn as the Capulet's nurse."  -Byron Woods, Indy Weekly

"...the Nurse’s ramblings .... delivered skillfully by a warm and witty Laura Parker." -Dustin Britt, Triangle Arts and Entertainment

ShakesBEER - Player #3 (Sir Toby Belch, Fang, Gregory, Rodrigo, Helena) 

Bare Theatre - December, 2017

"With considerable poise and boozy bonhomie, four new actors, led by director Dustin Britt, have clearly learned from the show’s first iteration, in which the crew was at odds with boorish barflies on some nights. Or maybe Camille Watson, Kirsten Ehlert, Laura Parker, and George Labusohr have just spent a lot more time in bars. Either way, this talented quartet seemed very much at home in louche surroundings and totally on top of occasional zingers from the sodden masses. "  -Byron Woods, Indy Weekly

The Roaring Girl - Gallipot, Rosie the Riveter

little independent theatre - August 2016

"Laura Parker’s physicality and vocal choices are very funny and perfect for her two distinct characters: Mr. Gallipot and Rosie the Riveter ."  -Dustin Britt - Triangle Arts & Entertainment

Richard III - 2nd Murderer, Messenger

Bare Theatre - November 2016

"Laura Parker’s captivating clown work leavens Aneisha Montague’s more serious take when their two murderers kill the hapless Duke of Clarence."  -Byron Woods, Indy Weekly

"The comedic work of Aneisha Montague and Laura Parker give the show a desperately needed boost of energy near the end of William Shakespeare’s first act." -Dustin Britt, Triangle Arts & Entertainment

"We enjoyed, in particular, the duo who visits Clarence in the Tower of London. Aneisha Montague and Laura Parker add just the right amount of Shakespearean clownishness to these roles. Both actors appear as other characters later, and both differentiate between their characters distinctly." - Kurt Benrud and Pamela Vesper, Triangle Arts & Entertainment

Deathtrap - Helga Ten Dorp

Forest Moon Theatre - September 2015

"Laura Parker, tall and strikingly Eastern European, with supporting accent, brings us Helga Ten Dorp, the self-styled psychic who, indeed, senses things she cannot have actually seen. Her comic delivery and timing are excellent."  -MARTHA KERAVUORI AND CHUCK GALLE - Triangle Arts and Entertainment

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