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Beowulf: Lord of the Bros by Matt Deitchman and Jed Feder 
  • NCSU University Theatre - November 2017

  • Director: Kyle LeBlanc Dougan

  • Costume, Hair and Makeup Design: Laura J. Parker

  • Scenic Design:  Jayme Mellema

  • Lighting Design: Joshua Reaves

  • Production Photos: Ron Foreman

"The Dragon (Miranda Millang), an underworld figure whose costume is a dark-side tribute to supervillain cosplay." -Byron Woods, Indy Weekly


 Beowulf: Lord of the Bros had it's world premiere at North Carolina State University in November 2017.  A modern rock musical retelling of the Beowulf myth, this show incorporated subtle medieval touches into the modern dress to give homage to the story's ancient origins.  Celtic knot motifs and t-shirts referencing mead, Valhalla, and Asgard brought the old into the new. 


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