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1570's English Fitted Gown

1574 - Lucas De Heere - London Gentlewomen and a countrywoman

This gown is constructed of a dark teal/black wool twill, lined in yellow silk jacquard and edged in black wool twill tape. The bodice of the gown is flatlined to linen canvas, and linen canvas is used as the base of the puff sleeve to give the sleeve structure. Closes down the center front with hooks and bars. This is worn over my petticoat bodies as the foundation garment, with a shift, partlet with detachable starched ruff, black petticoat, and black sleeves laced onto the petticoat bodies.

I didn't take too many construction images of this gown - but here are some shots of the internal workings:

Hooks and bars along the center front of the bodice

Silk jacquard lining slip stitched into place

Internal shot of the sleeve, showing the canvas sleeve base. Stitch lines are two layers of canvas quilted together to add structure.

Wool twill tape used as trim along center front edge of the gown.
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